Our volunteer mentors (and young people) write blog posts about the ongoings with CoderDojo.

New Beginning

12 April 2022
Lisa Brown

Three years!

16 January 2016
Steven Flower

How I won my first ever hackathon!

21 October 2015
Michelle Hua

Top 5 Tips for HackManchester Jnr

18 October 2015
DJ Adams

Countdown to HackManchester Jnr…

16 October 2015
Steven Flower

Using AppMaker to create simple Apps

9 November 2014
Anthony Harrison

Resources to help learn the basics of Coding

16 October 2014
Anthony Harrison

CoderDojo Bolton need electronics volunteers!

13 September 2014
Nour Alomary

Introducing Pure Data

7 March 2014
Dave Mee

Guest Post: Robotiky

5 March 2014
Matt Screeton

Underwater Scratch

10 February 2014
DJ Adams

Jingle Tangerines!

17 December 2013
DJ Adams

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