Issue #47: USB

Last week, the Manchester CoderDojo volunteers got together to think about our planned events for 2016, and to also look back at all we did in 2015.

We certainly want to do more projects and challenges that can be developed throughout the year. We’re also keen to build on some of the activities we tried in 2015, including Robocode and SonicPi. In turn, this might mean we have less dedicated time for Minetest, for example.

We’re keen to hear what people think – so look forward to the next CoderDojo on 7th Feb:

  • wave one tickets – Saturday 16th Jan, 5pm (today)
  • wave two tickets – Sunday 24th Jan, 5pm


This week's featured image

We also had some fun playing with the new Makey Makey Go devices - thanks to Swirrl for donating ten of these!