Issue #39: Stats

With our 20th CoderDojo event nearly upon us, we thought we’d take a look at some of the numbers behind the nine events we held in 2014.

We made this this infographic with some of the numbers.

Some of the headlines were:

  • We think just over 700 different people booked a place at a Manchester CoderDojo in 2014
  • There were something like three times as many boys as girls throughout the year
  • The mean, media and mode age was ten’ish!

As with all stats, we have to take them with a slight pinch of salt. Our numbers rely on our eventbrite bookings and “check-ins” – we don’t claim that this is the most sophisticated database going. However, it is food for thought. As we enter our third year of CoderDojo we’d really like your support to make the community stronger, in many ways.

Let’s start with CoderDojo #20 this Sunday…


This week's featured image

We took some of the stats from CoderDojo 2014 to make this infographic. It's worth a look... what do you think?