Issue #18: Inputs

input = GPIO.input(17)

This weekend, we’re starting a three-month challenge.

Just recently, we’ve seen hacks connecting Minecraft blocks to Scratch scripts, realworld switches to virtual lights, Raspberry Pi to .. Glockenspiels… and many many others

But …. we want to connect these together!

This is the Rube Goldberg machine project we’ve mentioned before. Our challenge is to build something together, across all the ideas, platforms, skills and abilities of Manchester CoderDojo. We’ll start at #McrCoderDojo 13 tomorrow, but it’s not limited to just events. Try stuff at home and share with us…

Speaking of inputs, we’ve noticed a lot of kickstarter campaigns around education/technology just recently – below are some that caught our attention.


This week's featured image

Dave and Barney shared another experiment! This time - knocking dominoes (the game, not pizza chain) over using Scratch, python and a mobile phone. The Twilio service helps make this happen.