Issue #24: Solstice

Astral()['Manchester'].sun(, 6, 21), local=True)['sunset']

What better way to celebrate the longest day of the year than the first release of tickets for Manchester CoderDojo #15 (July 13th)!

We know how quickly these go – dont forget the second wave will be out next Saturday at 5pm (with this newsletter).

This week, Dave edited together the video of our Rube Goldberg Machine project from CoderDojo #14!

And – we’ve started to curate a calendar together with other local CoderDojo organisers – lots going on in July alone…

Dont forget you can access all the links we share in our handy Flipboard magazine. Enjoy reading it during the remaining 12 hours 41 minutes and 54 seconds of sunlight….


This week's featured image

See one second one the internet with this visualisation...