Issue #36: Meantime

A very busy week this half term.

MozFest was fantastic – we even managed to get some FirefoxOS phones to test and play with at the next CoderDojo. We also learnt a lot more about the Hive Learning Network model in cities such as New York, Chicago and Toronto – Manchester could be next on the list….

On Monday, around 30 people came along to the DesignDojo, run by Sharp Futures. Apparently, there were paper planes!

And then on Wednesday Dave & Sons were in the Houses of Parliament, with another Rube Goldberg machine!

In amongst all this, all the tickets for CoderDojo #18 were snapped up. As ever, please contact us if you can’t now make it….


This week's featured image

Lots of pictures to choose from this week, but the Manchester CoderDojo Rube Goldberg table at the Houses of Parliament gets there....