Issue #15: I/O

class RubeController(object):

With April / Easter holidays making it impractical to host a CoderDojo, we’ve been busy planning for May, June and July!

Ever heard of a Rube Goldberg Machine? You’ve probably seen or even made one – such efforts as the Honda advert or OK Go video are very popular.

So – our theme for Manchester CoderDojo is I/O – inputs and outputs!

We want to build a #McrCoderDojo Rube Goldberg Machine over the next months – one that involves physical items, but also virtual worlds. Connecting Minecraft, Scratch, RaspberryPi PureData with python, Makey Makey, IFTTT, marbles, robots, hama beads, dominoes and whatever else we can get our hands on!

Interested? Got ideas? It’ll require lots of hacking and talking – but will be huge fun. Watch out for tickets for CoderDojo #13 in next week’s newsletter…


This week's featured image

For our I/O theme Dave and Barney have been busy - sharing this video of a prototype real-world marble triggering a Minecraft-world cart/mayhem.