Issue #37: Dice

As the nights draw in, it seems our newsletter is becoming less frequent :(

That doesn’t mean a lack of activity though – so please accept this as bumper update…

First up, congratulations to volunteer Anthony, who was awarded “The Most Dedicated STEM Ambassador” title at the House of Lords. If you’ve been to one of Anthony’s workshops at Manchester CoderDojo, you’ll no doubt have seen his dedication in action. Arise Sir Anthony!

Meanwhile, Dave and co have been busy developing Minetest activities for the next CoderDojo – take a look at the Minetest Dice Roller – please help out and feedback.

And – you may have seen it’s the Hour of Code in December – there are lots of great resources and activities on their website. #McrCoderDojo #19 will actually be within the celebrations, so we aim to make sure we take part.

Oh – and the second wave of tickets for McrCoderDojo #19 (14th December 11am-3pm) will be out at 9am today.


This week's featured image

We've a Minetest Dice Roller activity in development, but also a writeup of the Mozilla Appmaker Dice Roller Anthony demonstrated at the last CoderDojo. It's like a casino ;)