Issue #10: Content

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As ever, we’re looking forward to our event at The Sharp Project tomorrow. All the spaces have long gone – if you can’t make it then please please let us know…

This is our tenth weekly newsletter. Alongside this, some of the Manchester CoderDojo community have been busy writing words: Dave introduces the visual programming language Pure Data; Des has documented how to install a Minecraft server; Matthew posted a guest blog about a new project, Robotiky.

Meanwhile, congratulations to Nour on getting a date, venue and tickets out for the first CoderDojo Bolton!

If you want to share something of interest, whether it’s a link for the newsletter or a post on the blog then just let us know. Content is our code, or something like that !


This week's featured image

Not the best image, but something we found interesting.  Our wiki (on the old domain) is blocked for some mobile users... as reported by Lisa.