Issue #6: Blimey


This week we got a call from the BBC! There was a big education technology conference taking place in London, with some announcements about computing education in schools. We talked about how our Manchester CoderDojo has grown in the past year, and possible reasons for this. The outcome: we were featured on BBC news…. “Teenage computer coders on the rise“!

It’s great this is getting more attention. But, we’ve now a long waitlist for the next CoderDojo on February 9th. This isn’t what we set out to do :(

Hopefully, other events and CoderDojos can start to spring up – like the one in Knutsford tomorrow. We don’t want to disappoint people or make CoderDojo exclusive in anyway – we’ve simply run out of space at the moment. Blimey indeed.

(Obviously, if you’ve got spaces reserved for the next and can no longer make it, please let us know)


This week's featured image

The Ordnance Survey - the people who make many of our maps - have a Minecraft world  of more than 22 billion blocks representing over 220,000 square kilometres of mainland Great Britain and surrounding islands.