Issue #43: Balance

As we get ready for CoderDojo 22, we’re already thinking ahead to our June event. In fact, we’ve a special announcement to make – CoderDojo 23 (June 14th) will take place at the Central Library in Manchester City Centre.

Why would we (temporarily) leave our spacious and brilliant home at Sharp? Well, June 14th is also the day of the Manchester Day Parade. With the parade going right past the library, and we plan to have a Minetest parade at the same time. People can code their own float, and see it in the CoderDojo parade….. we hope!

Meanwhile, don’t forget it’s World Scratch Day on 9th May – let us know how you plan to celebrate!


This week's featured image

We had a great volunteer meetup last week. One of the developments was this football keepie-uppie game, which uses the video integration in Scratch - get the code.