Manchester CoderDojo is organised by volunteers. Many work in the “IT industry” and help with other initiatives such as Code Club or Manchester Girl Geeks. Some are also parents of CoderDojo participants, whilst others are also “veterans” of youth coding and making.

Want to join us?
We always welcome new volunteers. If you want to help out, please contact us at volunteer@mcrcoderdojo.org.uk to introduce yourself.

To become a volunteer, we ask that you commit to becoming a STEM Ambassador and aim to help out at as many events as you can.

Here’s a few of our volunteers…

Steven Flower

Steven works in international open data and started Manchester CoderDojo in December 2012.  Steven is also active in other youth coding initiatives such as Code Club and Young Rewired State, having organised the Manchester YRS centres since 2010.  Steven is a registered STEM Ambassador.

Steven spends most of his time at CoderDojos running around and making sure everyone is OK!  One day in the future, he might run a workshop on the practicalities of open data standards….

Steven Flower

DJ Adams

DJ is an SAP Hacker, Integrator, Author and Bread-Maker, working as a Principal Consultant for Bluefin Solutions.

He’s also an SAP Mentor, CodeClub Volunteer, Young Rewired State Centre Lead, STEMnet Ambassador and Manchester CoderDojo Helper.



Lisa Brown

Lisa spends her days as a Java developer, working for Bosch Automotive Services(basically the software behind diagnostics for vehicles).

She is also a STEM ambassador, Code Club volunteer and runs Cheadle Coderdojo.



Joseph Haig

Joe is a software engineer specialising in test automation and currently working in BBC’s Future Media and Technology department at Media City, Salford Quays. He is a CodeClub volunteer and got involved with the Manchester CoderDojo after meeting other mentors at the CodeClub volunteer meet-ups.

At the CoderDojo, Joe will usually be doing things with Python or Scratch, and can lend a hand with general Raspberry Pi (and Linux) stuff.


Tom Clarke

Tom runs the events and marketing at The Sharp Project.  He helps co-ordinate the venue for Manchester CoderDojo with SharpFutures. Tom’s background is in event production, music and online development.

Anthony Harrison

Anthony is a Solution Architect for Thales working with lots of computers doing amazing things! He used to be a programmer (last century) but now spends most of his time drawing pictures and reading technical documents.

At CoderDojo, he can normally be seen helping with Scratch and Python.

He’s also an active STEMnet Ambassador visiting local schools where he can often be seen with a few Raspberry PIs.



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